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Lakeside Partners
Lakeside Partners, headquartered in Zug/Switzerland, is the leading start-up investor, company builder and advisor in the Crypto Valley with a focus on blockchain technologies and related applications. As a driving force in the development of a global Blockchain-Start-up ecosystem, Lakeside Partners is the initiator of the worldwide incubator network Crypto Valley Labs. Lakeside Partners leads the broad-based Blockchain Task Force, which aims to maintain Switzerland's leading position in geopolitical competition as a location for the crypto and blockchain industry. Lakeside Partners is a founding member of the Crypto Valley Association.

inacta is an independent Swiss IT consulting firm based in Zug. Almost 50 experienced digitisation experts support organisations from the insurance, banking, real estate and healthcare sectors. For almost two years now, the experts of inacta have been supporting start-ups and established companies with consulting, training and software development services. As an early adopter, inacta understands not only the technology but also how and where Blockchain is usefully used. inacta is a founding member of the Crypto Valley Association and makes a social contribution to.