How can you win over the Jury and how should you prepare for the Competition, read the insightful tips from Pavel Jaklovev, CV Competition Lead, here:

1.) What is the CV Competition for Real Estate?

The CV Competition for Real Estate brings together global blockchain startups, real estate sector leaders and thought leaders. CV Competition is platform, upon which startups showcase the most prominent, cutting-edge blockchain technology to the Real Estate industry. Often times, startups solutions increase efficiencies, digitize the sector in question or re-imagine certain processes all together. It’s an incredible learning opportunity for all parties involved. Before pitching on stage at the CV Summit, the startups will get a pitch coaching. The advisors and jurors from the real estate industry are exposed to the latest technology developments.

2.) Why does the booming Crypto Valley need such a competition?

We view Crypto Valley as the place where great minds come together to exchange knowledge and collaborate. In view of this, CV Competition is the perfect platform that brings together latest blockchain tech and relevant industry players.

3.) What differentiates the CV Competition for Real Estate to other Competitions?

We have a unique approach to our competition: our scouting team does a ton of research, vets startups and then engages with them. Once contacted, the startups are invited to register. The scouting team stays in touch with the startups and handles their requests. As a result, 30 finalists are invited to pitch their startup ideas live. Our jury is composed of industry leaders, blockchain experts and seasoned VCs. From the 30 finalists, the top 10 are selected. 10 startup founders get pitch training and stage presence during the CV Summit – the leading blockchain conference in the Crypto Valley. Out of the top 10, the three finalists are selected. Only one walks away with the grand prize of 100,000USD. There are no strings attached, no equity commitment, nothing. Last key differentiator I am proud of – startups don’t have to pay to participate. And the top three startups get free working space in the CV Labs with professional coaching, as well as connections to the industry players. We believe in attracting best ideas and solutions for the industry. So far, we have had a number of successes.

4.) How will the Blockchain Technology transform the Real Estate industry?

Real Estate industry is broad, highly specialized and fragmented. There are different value chains where transformation may happen: from investment syndication all the way to market places, building material quality tracking, property management and facility management. Plenty of great startups are solving process inefficiencies and enabling new business models using blockchain technology. I am actually quite thrilled to see what solutions we will encounter in the review process.

5.) Is Switzerland’s real estate industry prepared to the transformation?

I am certain that Swiss real estate industrial players have an open mind when it comes to new technologies. The PropTech scene is growing rapidly. Transformation is a lengthy process that requires input from various stakeholders. Change is always exciting and a bit scary. In the past couple of years there’s been several interesting developments in the real estate sector: a Swiss-based startup developed a space and material optimization process that would reduce time to market and building costs; another Swiss startup is driving efficiencies in the real estate development process through the use of Artificial Intelligence. We see also developments in the area of IoT and Blockchain.

6.) What is the role, the contribution of the CV Competition for Real Estate?

CV Competition is an international platform with a sole purpose to showcase the best ideas and solutions to the real estate industry. The competition’s contribution is the actual research and engagement efforts that activate startups, motivating them to come over to Switzerland and compete.

7.) Who is in the Jury and who are some of your Advisors?

Our Jury and advisors are real estate industry leaders, blockchain experts and seasoned venture capitalists. See the full lists of jurors and advisors here:

8.) Where will the top 10 Finalist present their ideas?

The top 10 Finalists will come to Zug, Switzerland and present their ideas during the CV Summit. It’s our industry event with over 800 attendees, where we bring together industry players, blockchain superstars, techies, founders, service providers – all passionate and willing to learn more about blockchain. The CV Summit is a two-day event. The finalists get pitch training during the first day and go on stage during the main event.

9.) What is the benefit of setting up your company in Zug, the heart of the Crypto Valley?

There are several benefits to setting up the company/startup in Zug:

  1. Crypto Valley is a diverse ecosystem with more than 650 blockchain companies.
  2. It’s easy to incorporate the company, taxes are low, Swiss and Liechtenstein banks are open towards blockchain companies.
  3. Switzerland is one of the top countries when it comes to innovation, it’s also a direct democracy. Decentralized governance and adherence to the rule of law are Switzerland’s core principles.
  4. Major global corporates have their HQs in Switzerland – a gravitational pull to the world’s top talent, some of which is joining the blockchain revolution!
  5. Incredible scenery and great quality of life: lakes, mountains, summer hikes and winter sports. Oh and did I mention cheese, chocolate and the Swiss perfectionism? Things just simply work here.